Expressions Of Interest


Thoroughbred Trainers Service Centre Limited ACN 112 056 032 (TTSC) encourages and promotes thoroughbred horse racing nationally, establishing and conducting a national consolidated Horse Racing Syndication business to service the Australian racing industry.

The TTSC assists with education to the industry in relation to Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) compliance responsibilities when shares are offered under ASIC's (Horse Schemes) Instrument 2016/790.

The TTSC is the holder of  Australian Financial Services Licence No 288 213 (AFSL). The TTSC's service does reduce the administrative burden for business with the ongoing provision of a low-cost service for the promotion Horse Racing Syndicates when shares are offered to the public under the Australian Rules of Racing and ASIC's (Horse Schemes) Instrument.

The TTSC invites any interested party (Interested Party) to lodge a non-binding expression of interest (EOI) for the provision by the TTSC to the Interested Party of the Syndication Services.

Format of expressions of interest

The EOI should be generally in the format of an "Expression of Interest".  As a minimum, all information requested should be provided, additional information may be required if considered to be relevant by the Interested Party.

The EOI’s must be lodged by or on behalf of the Interested Party which is the intended recipient of the Syndication Services.

The TTSC may request further information from an Interested Party which lodges an EOI.


By completing an Expression of Interest you will not be making any commitment to receive the Syndication Services. It is simply an indication you are interested in receiving further information about the Syndication Service offered by the TTSC.  The TTSC provides comprehensive documentation setting out the details of the Syndication Service and the terms on which the service will be provided, which will be made available to the Interested Party.

The TTSC proposes to provide the Syndication Services to an Interested Party whereby the TTSC will act as a Promoter for the Interested Party in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in a service agreement (Service Level Agreement). Upon receipt by the TTSC of the EOI a copy of the Service Level Agreement will be provided to you, if you have the correct professional qualifications and meet the TTSC's criteria to hold an Authorised Representative Number.  If you decide to engage the TTSC to provide the Syndication Service you must sign and return a signed Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the TTSC by no later than three (3) months from the date of mailing.

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