TTSC Authorised Representatives

TTSC Racehorse Syndication Service – Authorised Representatives

As the Thoroughbred Trainers Service Centre (TTSC) is a holder of an ASIC issued AFSL (288-213) it can provide a financial service as specified under the terms of its licence to authorise a person or business.

The TTSC has appointed seven Authorised Representatives permitting each business to provide a  service that’s limited to Horse Racing Syndicate schemes only.   Each  Authorised Representative can distribute the TTSC compiled and Lead Regulator approved Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for each thoroughbred they offer shares to the public.   Each PDS an individual receives it offers them full consumer protection.  Each Authorised Representative deals in a financial product by applying for, issuing, or disposing of a financial product to interests in managed investment schemes limited to horse racing schemes.  In doing this they sell beneficial interests in each Horse Racing Syndicate forming a scheme for the purpose of racing thoroughbreds.

Authorised Representatives conduct their business under the Australian Rules of Racing, ASIC Corporations (Horse Schemes) Instrument 2016/790 and its updated Regulatory Guide 91 (August 2016) and are able to offer up to 50 shares to 50 individuals with an overall value not exceeding more than $500,000 (inc. GST).

The TTSC has approved the following Authorised Representatives:-

  • Adrenaline Thoroughbred Syndication’s Pty Limited (456 200)
  • Associated Buyers Pty Limited, trading as, Associated Bloodstock (001 279 263)
  • Heart Thoroughbreds (001 264 273)
  • Strawberry Jam Racing Pty Limited, trading as, SJ Racing (001 275 221)
  • Team Thoroughbreds (001 272 774)
  • Thompson Thoroughbreds Australia Pty Ltd (001 267 012)

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